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About Us

Ross-on-Wye Car Boot is now under new management and it's different.

Why? Well, we do things differently, of course.

We're a family-run business, with some old-fashioned values.

Firstly, we believe in CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We like queues to get in as that means we are popular - but we sense the frustration of folk who hate queuing and just want to get on with their day of buying and selling.

So, we open our Boots consistently at 06:30 every week - and


Yes, that's right.  Even if it's raining, we'll open anyway for those hardy folk

who just shake a fist at the weather.

Then, there's BOOKABLE SPACES, so no matter what time you decide to turn up,

your Pitch is guaranteed.

Thirdly, you can pay in advance by CREDIT or DEBIT CARD or by using your PayPal Account if you have one.   Yes, Cards at a Car Boot - whatever next?

Another innovation is Pop-UP Gazebo's, if you don't bring your own, we have them for HIRE at just £5 a day!   Thumb your nose at the showers!    For those new to car booting or with smaller cars, we also RENT TABLES and CLOTHES RAILS for £5 a day.   Lastly, We believe in old fashioned Customer Service - remember that forgotten art?   You matter to us and your satisfaction is important.   Regulars are treated like the valued customers they should be.   Become a Regular and you will find your favourite Pitch reserved for you - and no towel needed to be left on your sunbed either!​