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Terms & Conditions

Entry into and participation in the Car Boot by both Buyers & Sellers is entirely at your own risk.

The Operators accept no liability for any accident, injury or damage.

The Operators accept no liability for any theft, fraud or damage to goods and/or vehicles.

No Guarantees on goods sold are implied or inferred - All items sold as seen. Any issues with purchased items should be taken up with Hereford Trading Standards

The Operators reserve the right to refuse entry to any Seller or Buyer.

No theft or violent or abusive behaviour will be tolerated and anyone so behaving will be asked to leave and will be prevented from returning in addition to their identity and suspected behaviour being reported to the police.  CCTV is in operation.

The management of the Site is wholly and exclusively the preserve of the Operators.   The Operators alone may determine all matters relating to parking and the positioning of buyers and traders vehicles and stalls and may require the relocation of any vehicles and stalls at will. Every effort will be made to minimise such actions and disruption, but attendees will be bound by any such Operator decision.

Illegal goods and/or goods requiring a specific licence to sell, must not be sold on the Site. This includes counterfeit products, guns, bladed weapons, laser pens, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, fireworks and live animals & fish.

All unsold property, boxes, packaging and general rubbish must be removed from the Site by the person or persons so bringing it to the Site.   No littering or fly tipping. Please be responsible and place all litter into the bins provided.   A charge will be made for any rubbish left un-binned. Household goods left behind are regarded a fly-tipping and incidents may be reported to Environmental Protection for criminal prosecution.

The Site must be vacated by 12:00 on Sundays .  Late/Overtime charges may apply to anyone not vacating by this time.

Please take extreme care when driving around the Site as there are many pedestrians. Please observe a maximum speed limit of 5 m.p.h.

Parking for Buyers is FREE. There is designated Buyer's parking.   If any area is cordoned off by 'No Parking' signs, please respect them, they are there for a reason.  You must park responsibly.  We operate a clamping system for any vehicle that is badly parked and that obstructs the roadway.   There is a £40 release fee.  We ask Buyers to park responsibly and with other users in mind.   Please keep the road kerbs and gateways free - there are plenty of spaces if you look.   PLEASE do not park in the Disabled Bays if you do not have a Disabled Badge.

Toilets are provided for your convenience with hot & cold washroom facilities.  Please leave the toilets clean and tidy and flush them thoroughly after use.  If any toilet is found in a dirty condition, please report it to one of the Stewards.   If toilet paper or towels need replacing - Tell a Steward immediately.

Bins are provided for general litter - please use them.  Please take all other rubbish home with you.  For the time being, a number of larger bins are provided by the main gates, but these are not free and charges will apply for their use.  Anyone leaving rubbish around the site and not leaving their pitches clear and clean will be charged for the clearance on their re-entry for their next visit.

Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a lead and come prepared to 'poop-a-scoop!'